World Recruitment Summit | Triple A

It’s a 4-day event, 3 nights, 2 days of conference – Balearics 2019

Become Triple-A-Rated!

It’s Back!

The World Recruitment Summit returns to Ibiza this September for the fourth consecutive year.

Set to be the best event so far, this three-day summit has been carefully designed to inspire and empower recruitment leaders to reach the next level in business.
Change is coming. We’ve cherry-picked commentators, experts and evangelists from a range of different sectors who will challenge thinking, showcase innovation and look beyond traditional recruitment practices at what is a crucial time for the sector.

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The agenda is designed to introduce you to methods, ideas and technology that will ensure you stay ahead of the curve – and even disrupt in your market. All within an environment that encourages world-class learning while getting to know the RDLC community.


This year’s theme is around becoming a triple-A-rated recruitment leader:


• Aptitude => Understand what you need to do to become a leader and execute your business strategy.


• Attitude => Adopt the right mindset to tackle challenges head-on and build a lasting legacy.


• Altitude => Remove limiting beliefs so you can aim higher and create a winning culture.


If any of the above resonates with you, book your place on our World Recruitment Summit – 26th-29th September.

By spending time away from the office, you can focus on the business – instead of getting stuck in it. So when you return to the UK, it’s with new ideas and the energy you need to execute them.


The International Recruitment Summit in Ibiza has been designed not only to educate and guide you through times of unprecedented change, but also to help inspire you to embrace new challenges and cement your foundations, so that you can deliver any future changes required.

As always, the format is unbiased, evidence-based, at the forefront of its time and only positioned to inform and challenge opinions.

The conference will help you to:

  • Choose and plan for the best new technologies
  • Undergo digital transformation safely and profitably
  • Design your recruitment service to harness the skills of your staff and the latest new tools
  • Devise winning new strategies that drive global expansion
  • Make your brand clear and compelling
  • Design new product offerings
  • Achieve ROI on all tech investments
  • Build a network of peers to call upon throughout your change programme.
  • Build a culture of innovation and flexibility in your firm
  • Make your brand stand out online in a very noisy world
  • Reenergise so that you’re ready for the challenges and opportunities 2019 will bring


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