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It’s a 4-day event, 3 nights, 2 days of conference – Balearics 2019


24th March 2017

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Merryn Somerset Webb


Editor in Chief, MoneyWeek

Merryn Somerset Webb, Editor in Chief of UK personal finance magazine MoneyWeek, graduated from Cambridge with a First-Class Honours degree in History and Economics.  She’s worked as a television producer in Japan, a broker for SBC Warburg and a financial writer.  You’ll recognise Merryn as she regularly appears on radio and television as a commentator on financial matters.

She’ll be speaking about the retreat of globalisation in the wake of changing attitudes to borders and the decline of the transient workforce of the noughties.  Merryn will also cover the impact of AI, if what you do can be done by an algorithm, it will be!  The presentation will help recruitment leaders plan their international business growth and navigate the post-Brexit labour market.

Amy Williams

RDLC Speaker WRS

Former Skeleton racer and Olympic Gold Medallist

On her return from Vancouver, Amy Williams was heralded as a national heroine, after claiming Team GB’s only Gold medal of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in skeleton bobsleigh on her debut. In winning, Amy became Britain’s first solo Winter Olympics champion in 30 years and the first female individual Gold Medallist for 58 years.

Experiencing the next Winter Olympics in a very different capacity, in 2014 Amy headed to Sochi as a Team GB mentor while being an integral part of the BBC coverage team, offering insightful knowledge throughout a variety of events. Amy’s emotional and endearing coverage of her successor, Lizzy Yarnold, winning the Gold medal, was a particular highlight.

A regular on the BBC Ski Sunday presenting team, 2014 saw Amy feature on Channel 4’s celebrity reality show ‘The Jump’ as the coach of the skeleton event. In April 2014 Amy was announced as the new presenter for Channel 5’s primetime hit ‘The Gadget Show’, replacing Rachel Riley as the sole female host, Amy fully embraced the new role with her usual fervour and energy, further expanding her presenting resume.

Away from presenting duties, 2013 saw Amy immerse herself in the world of rally driving, acting as co-driver for Sky Sports News F1 analyst Tony Jardine, qualifying for her international co-driving license.

Roz Savage

RDLC WRS Roz Savage

First woman to row solo across the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans

Roz lectures at Harvard and Yale on the subject of courage.

An environmental epiphany led Roz to a radical life change, leaving an 11-year career as a management consultant to become the first woman to row solo across the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Through her experiences she has gained first-hand knowledge and insights into courage, resilience and personal determination. She is now a powerful advocate for unlocking potential and living a purpose-driven life. Her realisation of two profound truths are at the heart of her adventurous experience and message: 1) we are all capable of much more than we dare to believe we are; and 2) any worthy endeavour requires an inspirational vision combined with a team committed to mastery. Roz loves sharing her insights on the power and benefits of living outside your comfort zone. Her bold teachings across both private and professional spectrums reveal the tools for success to global corporate and academic audiences.

Her keynotes offer practical tools for overcoming the fear that holds us back from true engagement and fulfilment. Her central premise is that courage is not the absence of fear, but rather feeling the fear while being sufficiently motivated to move past the fear towards success. Roz emphasises how vital it is to leap into life’s great adventure, striking the right balance between caution and boldness. Combining her self-taught life skills with principles from neuroscience, psychology, leadership theory and personal development, she inspires every audience she meets.

Jitske Kramer

RDC WRS Speaker

Corporate Anthropologist, Entrepreneur and Author


No single organisation, no single tribe, exists in a vacuum. There are always other tribes to work with, to sell things to, to take into account, to compete with. Sometimes this is a peaceful process and sometimes it’s tough going. We can enter into an intense bond through profound trade relations and intermarriage. Or by building walls, stealing brides and head hunting. This is a lecture in which we travel the world to learn how people work with other tribes. Anthropological lessons that you can directly apply to your own network of relationships, chain cooperation, matrix organisation, and co-creation associations.


Have you ever looked at your organisation as a tribe? Jitske has. An organisation is a living entity, with village squares and town halls (meeting rooms), alleyways and taverns where the real dialogue takes place (smoking areas and bars). With chiefs (leaders), elders (regulatory bodies and politics), hunters (the creative innovators), magicians (IT, change managers, consultants) and gatherers (the fee earners). It is important to understand how people shape cultures to be able to create a desired organisational culture.

Jitske will take you on an exciting journey to the essence of culture. About how people shape cultures and cultures shape people. With power & love. Exotically distant and, at the same time, full of practical examples for your own organisation. An exciting talk full of images and stories. Providing a rapidly tangible and to-the-point overview of the basics of anthropology about people and culture. Looking through this anthropological lens you will see in clearer focus what is really happening in the dynamics of the organisation. Like switching from black and white to colour TV.

Gerald Ratner



Gerald Ratner is a businessman whose fall from grace was one of the most spectacular ever seen in our times. The 'gaffe' that was voted the worst mistake of all time forced him to leave his business. Ten years later he started again and he now speaks in a humorous and erudite manner on his mistakes and what we all can learn from them.

Gerald Ratner took over as CEO of the family jewellery chain in the mid 80s, becoming one of Britain's best-known businessmen. He transformed it from 130 stores with sales of £13m, to a public company with 2,500 stores and sales of over £1.2bn. By 1990, Ratner’s was the world's largest jewellery retailer with profits in excess of £120m.

Following a high-profile gaffe in which he described some of the products sold in the stores as ‘total crap’, he was forced to sell the business.

In 2003 he launched a new venture, The specialist diamond retailer sells jewellery, watches and hallmarked gold and silver through a secure site. It has formed alliances with a number of partners including SB&T, an Indian based producer, Goldsmiths and Royal Brierly - the only UK manufacturer of traditional hand-blown crystal. The online business is already the largest of its kind in Britain.

After clawing his way back to the top, Gerald talks with typical candour about the rollercoaster journey and the valuable lessons learned.

Gerald has recently written his story - the book is titled 'Gerald Ratner: The Rise and Fall... and Rise Again' and was serialised in the Sunday Times.

Caleb Storkey


Tech Disrupter and Entrepreneur

Caleb Storkey is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker and consultant, in disruptive technologies, change management, marketing, entrepreneurism and leadership. Co-author of Futureproof – How To Get Your Business Ready For The Next Disruption and Founder of Storkey Media (an integrated marketing agency), Caleb has worked with a wide range of businesses, from multinationals to highly disruptive and rapid growth tech startups.

James Sinclair

RDLC WRS James Sinclair

Entrepreneur. Educator. Entertainer.

James Sinclair set up his first business while he was still at school. Years later, that same business is now one of the largest entertainments businesses in the UK, with hundreds of staff and a multi-million pound turnover.


Having achieved success at a young age, James soon found himself in demand as a business speaker, with dozens of requests for help, support and advice from business owners, keen to understand how James had transformed himself from teenage party entertainer, into a hugely respected business owner.

Trevor Pinder


Recruitment Trainer

Trevor is a recruiter with over 22 years' experience. Starting as a contract consultant he made his way to Sales Director within the first agency he worked for before starting his own business in 2002. After a successful 5 years he ventured back into paid employment, fulfilling recruitment roles up to board Director level until starting Junction 9 in 2016.

He now splits his time between being an exclusive trainer/mentor/coach to the RDLC group of agencies and running a successful recruitment desk from his home in France. Outside of work , Trevor is a family man with 4 children who still likes to get beaten up in the boxing ring. He is also passionate about Charlton Athletic and Pork Pies!

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